The Internet Snitch Was Broken

This is only a temporary Snitch site. The real Internet Snitch site is being rebuilt. The address true is:

Sorry for the inconvenience friends but the Internet Snitch went haywire. For some reason that I have not figured out yet the entire blog disappeared. Everything was just gone, leaving no trace.

At the time of its disappearance there were over 150,000 viewers and it is my hope, with your help, to be able to spread the word that the snitch is back.

I am in the process of rebuilding now and I hope that the friends I gained are able to find me and tell their friends where to look.

Unfortunately, the theme I used has been removed from WordPress so the look and feel will be different until I can figure out how to get back my original theme. I have found it but have not been able to incorporate it into WordPress yet.

There were many pages and I have copies of most of them. I will replace what I can and write more as I go along. Please bear with me during this repair.

I will place the new Snitch location address on facebook and on my Tweeter page in hopes that readers can find me and tell their friends and acquaintances.


Good to see that you are concerned enough about your own online safety to come back. Every day we have another scam show up that can cost all of us both time and money. Some can even completely distroy a hard drive.

I happened to run into one of those myself. My machine started acting strange and programs didn’t work as they should. Then it happened, right there before my eyes on the screen were some kind of beatles.

Crawling across the screen. As they crawled the screen and everything on it disappeared. Those little bugs were eating my hard drive and I saw no way of stopping them. I was fortunate in that I had a sceond hard drive that I used for a back up drive. It had not been infected.

I turned off the machine, switched hard drives and then removed the infected drive. All was well.

Most people are not so lucky. Most would loose the hard drive and all the information. Most people would be ruined.

At that time I didn’t know who to talk to about those hungry little bugs so my incident went unmentioned. Today there are many places online to aid in discovering and distroying problems.

It is not just viruses that plague our internet airways. Identity theft is on the rise throughout the entire world. And again, I was a victum.

I have found myself in some situations which I believed to be unsolvable but fortunately they were repaired. And again, some people are not so fortunate.

Many of the people who suffer identity theft are not aware until it is too late. In some cases thousands of dollare are taken before the scammer is discovered.

In my case I joined the LifeLock program and Have had no more problems. I don’t know anyone else who has used the same program so I can not post any testimonials, but I am satisfied. At least for the time being.

Lifelock has been recommended by several of the scam buster sites and you can join any time you are tired of taking chances on your future and lifestyle.

When you are through looking around here why not take a look at one or more of my other sites. Here is an address or two.

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