Safety Tips

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Important Tips For Internet Safety:

1. Protect Your PC

Help keep online threats away from your computer by installing Anti-Virus Protection, Anti-Spyware Protection and a Firewall. These security features and more are designed for your P C protection.

2. Prevent Identity Theft

Protect your personal information while online. Shop at only secure websites and don’t reply or click on links that ask for any of your personal information. A personal firewall will help to block online intruders.

3. Help Children Stay Safe Online

Keep your children safe by monitoring their online activities. Parental Controls tools allow you to block access to unwanted websites by age level, category and time of day. Use them wisely.

4. Strengthen Your Passwords

Create strong unique passwords that includes letters and numbers and remember to change them frequently. Personal names and dates are too weak to be good passwords. Avoid using them. Think up something you can easily remember but no one else knows and don‘t share it.

5. Review Your Social Networking Profile

Limit access to sensitive information like your phone number, address, school, or where you work. Ensure pictures are appropriate to share and ask before posting pictures of others. Familiarize yourself with and utilize the site’s privacy settings.


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