A World of Hoaxes

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Everyone with an email address has at one time or another received a chain letter. I might add, more than once. Chain letters are one of the best known hoaxes.

The chain letter usually try to get the recipient to forward the letter on to everyone they know in hopes of receiving something of value. It never happens.

Some chain letters are sympathy letters. Asking you to send a card or your prayers. The subject line of the email may read, MAY HEAVEN LET THE LIGHT SHINE DOWN ON YOU. It makes the claim of a dying child who wants to go around the world and it urges you to help.

Don’t be fooled by a chain letter. If you have any doubts to its validity try to do a search for it. If you find nothing about it, it is apparently a hoax.

Never forward chain letters.


There is a current hoax circulating around now that states that a New York office of the Department of Homeland Security is holding a check for you and needs your personal information to release it. The hoax sometimes asks for a fee or deposit to release the check.

Do not provide any information and send no money either in cash, check or money order. It is a hoax.


Have you ever gotten an email saying that Microsoft and AOL were doing a beta test and need your help? They are checking a tracking system and for every person you forward the email to you will be pay money. The more people you forward to and they forward to determines how much money the corporate giants will send to you.

Think about it, Bill Gates didn’t get rich giving money away for nothing and AOL has never given anything away.

Just another hoax. Don’t be fooled.

There are some people who take their hoax making to the extreme. They have wasted a lot of money and time to create websites that are complete fakes. Websites that have the look and feel of being real but go no where and do nothing.

Below are a few examples of fake websites. Remember, they are not real even though they do look real.
Boilerplate, the Victorian Era Robot… http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/

Click Monkeys….

Cranky Media Guy

Dog Island

Feline Reactions to Bearded Men

Final Curtain

Fun Phone

There are many more but these will give you a look at the distance people will travel to generate a hoax.



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