Gun Control

Gun Control Hoax:
Another item may have arrived in your email box telling of something that happened when you were not looking. The email starts out saying while you were watching news about the oil spill and the terrorist bombing Hillary Clinton signed into law a bill about small arms control.

It stated that the right to own and have in your possession any guns has been removed. It is no longer your right to bare arms as written in the American Constitution.

It states that all guns will be confiscated and destroyed. Those who fail to comply may face steep fines and or jail time.

It  is listed as Obama’s plan to ban home owners and private citizens there right to gun ownership. Obama’s legal way around the 2nd. Amendment.

The email is not true. It is a hoax. False, false, false.

If you receive the email don’t believe it. It is just someone’s sick attempt to humor themselves at your expense. If you choose to forward it to friends be sure to tell them that it is a hoax.

The best thing you can do is delete it. It’s writer is hoping it travels around the world and gets a lot of attention. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

For your information the first few lines of the email are below.

[While you were watching the oil spill,
the New York failed terrorist bombing and other critical crises, Hillary Clinton signed the small arms treaty with


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