The Internet Snitch.

As we hear about it we deliver it. As soon as you tell us we post it here for all to see. Send in your Scam information. Lets work together to stop as much scamming as possible.

Almost everybody is already aware of the Nigerian Scam but it sitll continues to plague email boxes. Each year it returns to haunt us over and over again but each year it also gets just a little bit more sophisticated with more personalized emails.

Trying to fool the reader into thinking it is from someone they think they might know. Well, it is still the same old scam, just a little more dressed up and yet people are still falling for the scam. Still losing money hoping for a merical windfall of dollars.

When you see anything from any Nigerian bank just hit the delete key and be done with it. Don’t be taken in by the friendliness of the letter.

Social Networks are seeing more new scams. The trend is leading towards the use of “url shorteners” and Web 2.0 services. Anything in the BETA stage is target for social network scammers.

With the new WINDOWS 7 operating system the spammers are looking for vulnerabilities that will allow them access to email information and internet access. AS WINDOWS 7 takes the front place in the market the threat will grow both in power and danger. Be on the alert for any unusual changes or suggestions of password notification.

Spammers are another internet problem. Spammers are targeting the newer domain names. The thought is that the newer domain owners will not be as up to date on scams as older users. Which makes them easy targets for spam and scams.

Some of the scams seen lately are in the form of  fake game launch pages that look exactly like the real page. Problem is they don’t send you to the real program.

They state that subscription information has been compromised and they need you to use your password and other information to regain use of the program. All you have to do is “click here”. If you supply said information your identity has just been stolen.

No legitimate business or program is going to ask for your personal information. If you have this happen don’t do any clicking. Go to the program in your usual way. If you get it to work you know there was no real problem.

If it doesn’t work then you can fix it through the channels you used to join the program. DON’T GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.


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