Reader response

Hotel-Motel scam response:

One of our readers has responded with some information on the subject we wrote about several weeks ago. It was the subject of hotel-motel scams.

His comment contains a bit of a twist on the hotel-motel scam but it does give some good advice and information. It also hits on the credit card scam. This gentleman is the owner of a Hotel located on the Oregon Coast.

His scammer is located in the UK. The scam is an attempt to extract large sums of money by use of a credit card and an unsuspecting operator. Fortunately, our operator had both eyes open and saw the pending deal for what it really was, a scam.

I am going to include the whole thing in his own words so you can see what has happened. Read it closely and be aware, as he was. Pay attention to what is actually going on in the background. Here is his words.


Almost got taken in by one this week: Got an email inquiring about 4 rooms for 11 days (44 room-nights!) from a guy in the UK. $3 grand worth of rooms dropped in my lap in the middle of May? I was intrigued.
Responded with information. He responded with an ok a wanted to pay in advance with his Mastercard. Something didn’t feel right.
I sent a clarification letter with the particulars as I understood them, asking if he wanted singles or doubles. His repoonse “thanks still waiting for charge receipt (sic)”.
OK, NOW the flags were flying! Spoke with a friend of mine who also runs a hotel and he said he had a file on this scam. Apparently what these people do is get you to charge their card for thousands, then cancel and request a refund, THEN a few months later you get a chargeback dispute.
If you run into this, Mapquest the address they give you. If it looks like a big apartment complex in London, DON’T FALL FOR IT!!


This reader was kind enough to send the information for the benefit of others. If something has happened to you please do the same. Send in the information and let us post it for all the see and be aware of.

Jeff operates a beautiful Inn and RV park. Why not stop by and visit his site. Here is the address: You can even give him a big thank you by going to his contact page.

As usual, I appreciate the help and information everyone has offered.

The Snitch.



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