Jury Duty Scam

Jury Duty Scam:

Scammers are using every trick they can think of to commit identity theft and gain possession personal information. They don’t care who’s personal information it is as long as they can make use of it for their own gain.

 Here is a scam I never thought I would hear about. JURY DUTY SCAM.

 According to the officials Jury Duty is supposed to be a privilege of the free American people. According to mast of the people I know it is usually at an inconvenient time and they would like very much to get out of it so it just doesn’t make sense for someone to turn it into a scam for the purpose of stealing money from the unsuspecting.

 How it work is a scammer makes a phone call to his victim stating that he is working for the court system and that a report has been filed that the victim has failed to report for jury duty.

 He then intimidates the victim saying that an arrest warrant has been issued. The victim explains that he or she never received a notification of jury duty which is true. The scammer then states that in order to clear it up they will need some information for verification purposes.

The victim is usually so distraught at the thought of an arrest warrant in his name that he is eager to supply the necessary information. The scammer of course, asks for the victim’s social security number, date of birth and sometimes even credit card numbers.

 Through the power of intimidation and a few lies the scammer has all he needs to claim the victims identity and empty their bank account plus charge a large amount on the credit card and in the process destroy the victim’s credit rating.

 This scam has already been reported in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington state. It is expected to infect more states soon.

In reality, court workers will never call you to ask for social security numbers and other private information. In fact, most courts follow up via snail mail and rarely, if ever, call prospective jurors for anything.

Never give out your personal and confidential information when you receive a telephone call. It doesn’t matter who the caller says they are don’t give information. If you think they may be real try to get their name and tell them you will call them right back with the information needed.

They may then offer you a phone number to reach them. Take the number but DO NOT USE IT. Look up the number for yourself. If it is a scammer the number they supply is probably to a place of their choosing and not the facility you are needing.

Call the particular institution and ask about the subject. If it is real they will know about it and probably will already have the information needed. If the institution does not know of it then you have a name and number to report to the local police department.

Even if you don’t want to be on the jury don’t let the jury duty scam get you.



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