Money Maker Scam

As we all know, scams come in all kinds of categories. There are the ever famous and annoying Nigerian scams and those that try to force you to purchase some bogus repair site to remove a bogus problem. Some that are just sneaky ways to drop a virus on your computer.

But one of the largest scam categories that is often overlooked is the one that most people look for and hope there is not a problem. That is the “make money online” category.

Almost everyone who has ever turned on a computer has had the thought of how this machine could produce an income. Some pursue that thought to the final end. On some occasions the outcome is positive but in most cases the only one making the money is the one offering the assistance.

It is a known fact that approximately 95% of the money making sites are not going to make you rich. It is doubtful that you will even make enough money to cover your expense. In fact, most are a form of a scam.

The money sites are designed to entice you to spend a few dollars to several hundred dollars in hopes of fulfilling your desire of increasing your financial and social standing.

The Snitch is going to include a section dedicated to the money making sites and some of the comments made by those who have been scammed or lost money in their attempts.

The money making scams are a multi-billion dollar operation and we need to use extreme caution when we click the button.

If you have fallen victim to the money scam let me know about it in an email to or

If you are interested in the new section send me a comment so I know if it should be included or not.

I thank you for your attention.


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