Another Nigerian Warning

Cover of 2007 Internet Crime Report

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Another Warning:

Good Morning,

You are probably getting pretty bored with this message reminder but I find it important. It is about those Nigerian scams again. It seems that they just wont give up. I find new approaches in my email box almost everyday.

My latest one came in this morning from someone or something called “INTERNET CRIME WATCH”. It is one of those that tell you how they have discovered a number of scams and how they have solved the problem. They word the message in such a way and with such importance that it sounds like they have just captured and killed a second ben Laden.

They go to extremes to assure you that they are looking out for you and your best interests. (if that is so then why do they need more or your personal information.)

Their claim is that of tracking down the scammers and now having them in custody stating that your email address is on a list of those who have been scammed and now they are going to return your money. All you need to do is send more information.

The object of my message is just to warn you to always use caution. When it sounds too good to be true you can bet it is Nigerian.

Some emails come from someone claiming to be attorneys, barristers, ministers and some act like old friends by starting with “Dear”. Don’t be fooled. Be cautious.


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