Billion Dollar Ripoff

Example of "Nigerian scam", 1995

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Billion Dollar Ripoff:

As you already know there is a thing going around know as the Nigerian Scam. We have all had an email or two to inform us of our gigantic winnings. And we all know that it is a fake. We know we are not the winner of some sweepstake in some foreign land.

I have written about the Nigerian scam many times and everyone I have personally spoken to are aware of it and its dangers. However, I apparently am not able to reach the depths of the world. (as much as I would like to)

There are still thousands of unfortunate victims to the scam. Even though everybody has heard of it people are still falling for it and paying out hard earned cash in hopes that the word they just received is real and they are indeed the newest millionaire.

Last year alone the Nigerian scam robbed its victims of more than one BILLION dollars and there is no end in sight. We just want to warn you once again to use caution and if it looks and smells like a rat it probably is a rat.

It is not just the Nigerian sweepstake scam, it now includes Government money grants, Insurance bargains, extended auto warrantees and many other things that can grab your interest and attention.

Never submit to anything that asks for upfront money, a finders fee, a document preparation fee or a shipment fee. You never pay to win.

The one thing all scams have in common is the asking for money to be sent to the address provided by them or all your personal and confidential information.

Never give either, If a bank or other legitimate corporation wants information they will contact you by US mail and ask you to make an appointment to come into the bank. They will give you the name of the person you should talk to.

Remember, it is a BILLION DOLLAR rip-off.


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