The Internet Snitch

About The Snitch

A little about me? Well, OK. Here is a little.

I’m just an old country boy who is tired of all the scams and ripoffs on the internet today.  I live in the great state of Oregon and in the greatest country in the world. The good old USA.

I first started using the internet in the mid 8O’s and have been ripped off several times before finally learning. I have also had my share of scams and seen many hoaxes.

I don’t want to see the same thing happen to anyone else while using the internet.

If there is a way to curb it I am bound to try. Your help would be much appreciated. Please post your comments so we can alert others of any new scam, hoax or fraud. Thanks for your help.

I also enjoy surfing the net to find some of the weird, stupid and interesting post and websites. When I see something humorous or curoius I like to share it with everybody. Stop by and give us your stupid finds too.

I am “The Internet Snitch”


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